About us

/ We start where change emerges and persevere in bringing transformation.
Before challenges, ideas and threats explode. Before we become trapped in tunnel vision. Before organizations become predestined to stagnate and people become afraid of uncertainty. We get to work!

/ Digital transformation often means moving from a resource and energy extracting business to an information-based and service-oriented business; from atoms to bits. Data is the new oil – moving data is a fluent business like its transformation. We accept the radical and welcome edgy thinking, even if it means constantly venturing out of our comfort zone.
Daring to do something nobody has thought of yet might be exactly the right approach to build a new business with substance and meaning for the future.
/ As innovation avant-gardists, we strive for well-intended efficiency so that our clients stay relevant in their market. We challenge new business ideas until they become attractive investments for us as well.
Our work has a huge impact and we make the unseen known and transparent. Sometimes smoothly and softly, sometimes radically and in a straightforward way.

/ It does not end with the ”digital age” – tomorrow is our today and we are comfortable shaping the future and creating a new age with thrilling experiences for us and our environment.


We are reliable architects for your transformation and a persevering companion to help you overcome your challenges!


Your Challenges

Our Promise!


How we work

Digitalization is a leadership matter! We value respect in a sustained and ethical manner as non-negotiable in our interactions.

We are attentive to the cultural context of your organization in sensitizing your community for digitalization and spearheading a new movement together with you.
We give direction rather than shying away when challenges are ommipresent.
Our business purpose is to transform organizations to remain relevant in the digital age. Distinct drivers and a different approach to digitalization are our answers:



Predictable change by involving and educating people to overcome initial fears


Create valued context, entertain communities, facilitate new and affordable business models with an economically sustainable contribution


Agile ways of work generating space for creativity and flexible resource and time allocation enabling individual fulfillment


Cybersmart data utilization, new governance and business ethics

Artificial Intelligence /
Robotics for the good

Leave decisions to human beings – who need emotion and natural ties

Technological innovations have brought major welfare gains over time – nowadays, compressed innovation cycles are giving rise to challenges when it comes to materializing the adoption of new technology.
We diagnose precisely, comprehensively and respect the immune system of an organization.
We are accountable and dare to set new frames if existing structures are outdated and inappropriate.

Together, we shape a clear and bright vision of future digital business
opportunities and drive entrepreneurial actions by:







Our people provide experiences causing light-bulb moments, achievements as a result of adventures and challenges turned into war stories. We purposefully pursue the new and unknown in digitalization and advanced technologies together with their innovative adoption. Our domain expertise in strategic development and execution, cultural change and communication are the backbone of our actions and hallmark our blueprints and approaches.


End-to-end transformation in banking. The genuine background story – A marathon at a high pace and sometimes with sprints to convert initially venturous dreams into brilliant solution ideas.
Business development for utilities. Attentive to technology advancements for new digital business models and services in the energy sector.


Please contact us to access our true stories of transformation.

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Do you share our desire to challenge the status quo? LD7 seeks a diverse range of professionals and partners to deliver new business solutions and create sustained success for our clients.

We fundamentally inspire our clients to unleash a transformational process, and we’re looking for the brightest minds in the business to help us. Our multidisciplinary team dares to redraw the boundaries of an industry – together with you. If you have the passion, tenacity, and curiosity to challenge the status quo, we invite you to join our mission. At LD7, you will meet like-minded open thinkers and passionate pioneers across a variety of disciplines, ranging from engineering to strategic design, digitalization, communications and finance.

We are looking for YOU!

A strategic partnership with us offers greatness for your business.

Greatness starts where others stop.
Our excitement starts with the unexpected and we never stop!

This is where we are looking for advanced partners to push the adventure, capture innovation and discover the new.

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