Tomorrow is our today
and we are comfortable shaping the future.

LD7 is a thriving team of innovators, leaders and investors working with large organizations in the financial services, energy, automotive, health and technology sector.
With offices in Bremen and Munich, LD7 accompany and lead companies through their digital transformation to develop and launch sustainable business models and to find answers to their clients’ most critical key industry challenges.
LD7 is a bridge-builder between large established corporations and small innovative market entrants.
Identifying marketable innovation fields for established corporations and developing growth strategies for young companies are likewise, activity areas, where LD7 employs profound expertise in strategic development, innovation management and organization development.
Daring to do something nobody has thought of yet might be exactly the right approach to build a new business with substance and meaning for the future.
We challenge new business ideas until they become attractive investments for us as well.
Our work has a huge impact and we make the unseen known and transparent. Sometimes smoothly and softly, sometimes radically and in a straightforward way.

It does not end with the ”digital age” – we are reliable partners for your transformation and a persevering companion to help you overcome your challenges!


How we work


Digitalization is a leadership matter! 

Our business purpose is to transform organizations to remain relevant in the digital age. Distinct drivers and a different approach to digitalization are our answers:

How we drive action











Our people provide experiences causing light-bulb moments, achievements as a result of adventures and challenges turned into war stories. We purposefully pursue the new and unknown in digitalization and advanced technologies together with their innovative adoption. Our domain expertise in strategic development and execution, cultural change and communication are the backbone of our actions and hallmark our blueprints and approaches.


We share what we learn

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