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10. March 2020

Transition into the digital age means a technology enabled transformation

Have a look at LD7s take-aways and structured playbook for corporate transformation journeys. Technological advances have always impacted on the way companies run their business. In the industrial age, organizations were successful if they understood how command and control chains, together with highly efficient manufacturing processes, led to predictable business growth in well-known market development cycles. Creating economic value for shareholders and owners was of utmost importance and was quite often pursued as a short-term objective.
28. October 2020

Financial health of a company – the check up for future business viability

When we deal with new customer prospects for the first time, our initial approach is quite similar to the traditional interpretation of financial KPIs and this is exactly where problems begin: this approach is intended for companies that have emerged from the Industrial Age and thus, does not reflect the value drivers of the Information Age i.e. data become an asset that actually has no maturity and, unlike machines, their intrinsic value can even increase over time if created through network effects.
31. October 2020

Payments are digital! What is needed to make it happen in smart cities and regions?

Payments processing is not just with COVID-19 becoming increasingly digital and we wonder what it needs to make digital payments happen in urban environments as well, not just for the sake of health safety but also for ease of use and the exploration of new business models arising with digital footprints being left in any interaction.
3. June 2021

Broadly accessible technologies are changing customer experience and consumer behavior

Get insights about how digital and web technologies are leading to changing consumer behavior: for a future customer-centric or better human-centric service provision companies may need to be way more transparent about environmental aspects in their value proposition and how their products contribute to societal progression.
10. June 2021

Many startups are in the sweet spot of emerging customer need

Startups have a much higher developmental velocity and eventually become meaningful market players fast. When we look at examples of startups or new market entrants appearing to gain market share, the reaction of established companies has sometimes been remarkably complacent.
1. July 2021

Data and software driven business models on the rise

In our online world every use of technology leaves behind a digital footprint, which can be useful. By definition, information-based business models are fueled by any traceable digital footprint created by a human being, a component, a machine or a service. Additionally, technologies like low-code or no-code environments, which lead to an increased use of software, do reinforce productivity in the provision of services. Related data-processing becomes the fuel of such a hyper-productive machine.
21. July 2021

Staying relevant in platform eco-systems

Future business will be conducted more and more on platforms like marketplaces and the development of marketplaces can be observed along the evolution of web technologies. We’ve followed the whole evolution, starting with static websites providing information. The next evolution was to generate social context and vertical specialization. Matching transactions were then the next logical step, where entire marketplaces were created to bring supply and demand together. The on-demand experience grew with the effect of more marketplace use cases to the point of creating their own business models based on marketplace orchestration.
24. August 2021

Compelling events are accelerating every tech-enabled transformation

In the recent past, technology advances have passed the tipping point much faster, leading to viable commercialization in shorter innovation cycles. Compelling events, such as we are currently experiencing with COVID-19, reinforce this process with the effect that the speed of innovation is accelerated and becomes a matter of weeks rather than years, as it was before the virus outbreak.
7. December 2021

“Think Again” an open-ended reading project

When did you last finish reading a book and think, “What a pity I’ve finished that brilliant book already”? Perhaps you were even tempted to start at page one all over again? This might happen to you when you finish "Think Again" by Adam Grant.
7. December 2021

Transformation starts in our own backyard

Technology advances have always influenced the way humanity has evolved. However, what has changed in the recent past is the speed at which new products and services enabled by technology evolutions are created and marketed. Today, an individual with a brilliant idea can raise a multimillion-euro business by choosing the right tools to design the target products for delivering a powerful user experience.
19. September 2023

Von Stolpersteinen zu Meilensteinen: Transformation durch effektives Projektmanagement

Bei LD7 stehen wir täglich vor der Herausforderung, innovative Projekte mit einem dynamischen Team aus unterschiedlichen Bereichen der Linienorganisation zu leiten. Durch intensive Arbeit und Reflexion […]
11. October 2023

Das industrielle Metaverse und sein bahnbrechender Einfluss auf die Industrie

Warum das industrielle Metaverse? - Die einfache Antwort lautet: Effizienz und Innovation. Das Metaverse hat sich von den Seiten der Science-Fiction auf die Bildschirme unserer Computer und VR-Brillen bewegt. Während Popkultur und soziale Netzwerke darüber debattieren, wie das Metaverse unsere sozialen Interaktionen neu gestalten könnte, bezeugt der Industriesektor eine Revolution. Hier bei LD7 glauben wir, dass es wichtig ist, nicht nur zu sehen, sondern auch zu verstehen, was dieses Konzept wirklich für unsere Zukunft in der industriellen Produktion bedeutet.