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28. April 2021

Technology is determining Business – why it’s important to be “tech-forward”

Every time we approach the top management of a new prospect to talk about IT, technology or the currently very prominent subject of digital transformation, we have to retrace several steps in the evolutionary history of IT before we can engage our client in a meaningful conversation about their IT strategy. It has become a bit of a running gag how far back we have to get in the history of IT.
3. June 2021

Broadly accessible technologies are changing customer experience and consumer behavior

Get insights about how digital and web technologies are leading to changing consumer behavior: for a future customer-centric or better human-centric service provision companies may need to be way more transparent about environmental aspects in their value proposition and how their products contribute to societal progression.
10. June 2021

Many startups are in the sweet spot of emerging customer need

Startups have a much higher developmental velocity and eventually become meaningful market players fast. When we look at examples of startups or new market entrants appearing to gain market share, the reaction of established companies has sometimes been remarkably complacent.
1. July 2021

Data and software driven business models on the rise

In our online world every use of technology leaves behind a digital footprint, which can be useful. By definition, information-based business models are fueled by any traceable digital footprint created by a human being, a component, a machine or a service. Additionally, technologies like low-code or no-code environments, which lead to an increased use of software, do reinforce productivity in the provision of services. Related data-processing becomes the fuel of such a hyper-productive machine.