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7. December 2021

Transformation starts in our own backyard

Technology advances have always influenced the way humanity has evolved. However, what has changed in the recent past is the speed at which new products and services enabled by technology evolutions are created and marketed. Today, an individual with a brilliant idea can raise a multimillion-euro business by choosing the right tools to design the target products for delivering a powerful user experience.
7. December 2021

“Think Again” an open-ended reading project

When did you last finish reading a book and think, “What a pity I’ve finished that brilliant book already”? Perhaps you were even tempted to start at page one all over again? This might happen to you when you finish "Think Again" by Adam Grant.
7. October 2020

COVID-19 is breaking our addictive hold to normality

For our first LD7 Talk we’ve asked our Executive Partner Maria about her thoughts on how to break our addictive hold of normality.
9. September 2020

Janet Markus appointed as Council Chair for Urban Mobility at EUTEC Chamber

Our Executive Partner Janet will lead the Urban Mobility Council of the EUTEC Chamber and will help to create a shared vision for the sustainable development of #mobility and the #city. One of her main areas of focus is to help bridge the gap between #technologies, companies, administrations, #entrepreneurs, research institutions and others to promote a dialogue to co-create urban solutions for the world we live in.
3. September 2020

Maria Jose Perea Marquez appointed as Council Chair for Digitalization at EUTEC Chamber

We are incredibly proud that our Executive Partner, Maria Jose Perea Marquez has been appointed as Council Chair for Digitalization of the EUTEC Chamber, this is another testament for our values! We are excited to call attention on this visionary think-tank and on Marias inspiring ideas and visions she is going to share.
31. August 2020

Digital URBAN Ecosystem – from a “silo-ed” city to a livable urban environment with affordable digital services

From a “silo-ed” city to a livable urban environment with affordable digital services. Find out more about our digital urban ecosystem.
29. July 2020

Axel Holle appointed to the Board of EUTEC’s German Chapter

We are incredibly proud that our MD Axel Holle has been appointed as German Chapter Board Member of the EUTEC Chamber, this is also a testament for our values. We can't wait to shape the future of European tech, together
16. July 2020

EUTEC welcomes LD7 as new advocate

We are absolutely thrilled about our new advocacy for the EUTEC Chamber. We are eager to support the ambition of the EUTEC, to enable European businesses using their technologies for the benefit of Europe and humanity.
10. March 2020

Transition into the digital age means a technology enabled transformation

Have a look at LD7s take-aways and structured playbook for corporate transformation journeys. Technological advances have always impacted on the way companies run their business. In the industrial age, organizations were successful if they understood how command and control chains, together with highly efficient manufacturing processes, led to predictable business growth in well-known market development cycles. Creating economic value for shareholders and owners was of utmost importance and was quite often pursued as a short-term objective.