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24. August 2021

Compelling events are accelerating every tech-enabled transformation

In the recent past, technology advances have passed the tipping point much faster, leading to viable commercialization in shorter innovation cycles. Compelling events, such as we are currently experiencing with COVID-19, reinforce this process with the effect that the speed of innovation is accelerated and becomes a matter of weeks rather than years, as it was before the virus outbreak.
7. December 2021

“Think Again” an open-ended reading project

When did you last finish reading a book and think, “What a pity I’ve finished that brilliant book already”? Perhaps you were even tempted to start at page one all over again? This might happen to you when you finish "Think Again" by Adam Grant.
7. December 2021

Transformation starts in our own backyard

Technology advances have always influenced the way humanity has evolved. However, what has changed in the recent past is the speed at which new products and services enabled by technology evolutions are created and marketed. Today, an individual with a brilliant idea can raise a multimillion-euro business by choosing the right tools to design the target products for delivering a powerful user experience.